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01:39pm 07/09/2012
  I know what's going on. The Japanese have traveled foward in time to destroy the patriotism and freedom of the American Dream. Keep on your toes, the KAWAII whatever is the first strike. It's the first wave of A6M zeroes dropping their bombs on the Arizona, only  the Arizona is the American Dream, filled to the brink with the enemy's brainwashed captives instead of explosives and gunpowder. Keep on your toes, fellow Americans. (I'm NOT racist! I'm Asian myself!!!!)  
Big fat rant. 
11:04am 31/10/2010
  I just joined this community. Even though it's 2 years dead, it deals with an issue some people around me have - ANIME OBSESSION.

I went through that phase ages ago, and regret it now. But what makes my blood boil is... SOME PEOPLE STILL AREN'T OVER IT.

Now, I love the Final Fantasy series and any other games made by Square Enix, and various other game companies that just so happen to be based in Japan, but anime doesn't interest me in the slightest. FFVII: Last Order and the Miyazaki films are exceptions, but anything else is kept out of my life.

I have a friend who shares my love for the Final Fantasy series, but has an obsession with Naruto and whatever mainstream anime/manga with so-called "bishounen" there is. Hardly any of the men in those things are even remotely pretty. She says she wants to move to Japan, change her name to an Asian one, and she likes J-pop better than any other music ever made.

Now I like a little bit of J-pop, but that's all that remains of my Japan phase. And her Facebook statuses piss me off a little too (e.g. "Don't you just hate it when Americans mispronounce Japanese words?") And my friends and I say manga like mango but with an A at the end, and SHE DOESN'T CARE. Now, this girl luckily isn't fat and ugly, but she has big boobs, and gets everyone to grope them like in all that perverted anime shit.

I know another girl who's on Facebook, and her status updates are usually like


Seriously. Why go to Japan (I've been there because my uncle is married over there with kids, and I'm more interested in the nature than all that pop culture, though the shopping malls are fantastic) when you can go to England? I'm going to England in a couple years' time and I'm hella excited.

I DO write fanfiction and draw fanart, but weeabooness is relative. Like, if you're a Lord of the Rings fan who has nothing to do with anime, it doesn't count. I hope to be a game designer when I leave school, but that's a dream, and if not I'll just become a musician or something. IDK.

TL;DR weeaboos suck.

Massive fucking edit: I can't believe everyone's read this and commented. I now loathe Final Fantasy because it seems to have been absorbed into the general culture of all these Japanese-wannabes, and as the games progress it becomes more apparent that Square Enix are always reusing character personalities and designs. I was in such a state of blissful ignorance when I wrote this post that I didn't notice either of these things. Several months after writing the post I am also a huge LotR fan, and have almost nothing to do with anime.

As for the situation with these two girls, girl #1 ("I wanna move to Japan and change my name and I like my boobs") has claimed Korea as her new "country of obsession". So far it's a fairly innocent obsession, but if she gives herself a Korean name, now that's trouble. As for girl #2 ("EBI-CHAN WANTS TO MOVE TO JAPAN DESU NYA~"), I deleted her from my friend list because her babbling was starting to sound like a broken record, but from what I can tell she hasn't changed one bit. The anime crap is plastered over her profile more than ever, and she says she "doesn't mind weeaboos", meaning she most likely is one herself.

P.S. A few of you needed me to clarify the term "weeaboo". It was a word filter for "Wapanese", a term most of you should be familiar with, on 4chan. If you don't know what 4chan is (and have been living in a state of blissful ignorance as I was 10 months ago), it is pretty much the headquarters of all evil on the internet.

That's all for this post, but I just wanted to reply to everyone's comments and clear some things up.
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Rant time - forgive my typoes I'm famous for them. 
05:15pm 28/07/2008
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Since I was very young I knew about anime and I'm nto going to sit here and lie and be like O I DIDN'T WATCH ANIME AT ALL AND I H8Z0RZ IT. I'm very fed up with most anime now because if they wanted to aim towards a more mature audience they wouldn't have such retarded jokes in it. It's always the same bullshit. Yeah sure I'll watch anime but GOOOOOOOD sometimes I just wanna strangle the fuck out of those big eyed "KAWAAAIIIII" drawn chicks with flat chests that are called LOLI

Lucky Star is a good example. My bf likes luckt star and I hate the crap out of it because the way it's drawn. The chicks are supposed to be in like hgih school or something AND THEY LOOK LIEK THEY'RE ......5 OR SOMETHING. Anime gets ridiculously repetitive too. So do the storylines. They're almost all the same.

I've never been able to really rant about this without being flamed or attacked by othjer people and really I think I'll feel alot better when I get this out of my system. Anime isn't the main reason why I dislike certain anime aspects/series, it's the fans. Sure I'll watch the anime I like but jesus christ the fans just turn it into some type of fucking religion. They can do it fine but do they even know what the word Otaku MEANS?? I'm a major in the Japanese language and I feel offended. I've studied this language for 6 years NO NOT BECAUSE I LOVE ANIME but for a mor logical reason. I love the culture of Japan the oriental part of Japan and I have a strange obsession with Languages. I know alot of languages so don't think I wanted to learn Japanese because of anime. In my Japanese class there were so many fucking crazy OTAKUS. Who spam cute faces on the itnernet and there was this one bitch who I fucking wanted to beat the living shit out of.

She was the erfect definition of Otaku. A no life bitch who played Yu Gi Oh cards and she had a binder filled with picture of Gananondorf from Zelda because she wanted to fuck him and she got so bad to the point that she was saying that he was inside of her mind and at night he would fuck her in her dreams what kind of fucking crazy shit is that?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER?! She stunk liek shit too and her friends were just as bad saying that if he wore some weird shit from Bleach (snce you can buy little things from anime now and wear them) he could suck the souls out of people. She used to say video game characters were in her mind too. Alot of people that were her friend were like that.

God but I'm too damn fucking nice to beat the crap out of her so I just left her the hell alone.

I really have to say that those stupid emoticons that we tried to copy off of Japan with are really retarded. XD O O; @_@ e_e; x_x; O_o; ^___^;; and the girls that go along with it

OMG I LOVE TO SEE GUY ON GUY ANIME MMMMMMMM SO HOT I WANNA SEE NARUTO AND SASUKE FUCK OMGGGGG Like stfu seriously it's only a fucking cartoon. He's nto going to come out of the screen and eat you out and fulfill all yourfantasies unless of course they go to a Con and then OMG IT'S FANGIRL CRAZY TIMMMMMEEEE WHOOOOOOOOOO

There's a girl on a MMO that I playa nd she's so damn annoying she edns all her sentences with NYA. Even when I waf laming her she was like, "Why are you so mean nya^_^" What the hell is her problem.

The money that people spend on anime shit. God why don't you just fucking download anime why do they have to go and spend liek 100-200 dollars on the boxset that comes with a figure that you take the clothes off of. Just take a damn barbie and dye it's hair pink and put it in ponytails and you have a sailor moon doll~!

AND WHAT IS THE OBSESSION WITH NEKOMIMI. Anime cartoons with cat ears. WHat the hell. And that's totally hot because she has gigantic boobs. Seems like the Japanese popularion are trying to make up for things which they don't have when it comes to most anime. Eiken for instance has ridiculously large boobs. Nya nya nya nya nya nya it gets on my nerves.... please... shoot me. Lol. The girls who love anime think they're cute I swear. They entice otaku men by going "I'm a kawaii neko desu nya ;333333333333" No you're not bitch you're prolly some ugly ass fat ass bitch with no life whow ishes she looked hawt in a maid outfit with a cat tail and ears and you probably have like 9 cats in your house and you name them crazy ass names like "Yuki" or "Miko" and you wish you looked like them

Otaku out there.... Please..... Realise that Otaku and Hikkikomori are almost exactly the same in japan. You won't go to Japan and be accepted if you run arround saying you're an Otaku.... That's not a compliment and is in fact an insult. Thanks for letting me rant here I think I feel alot better.

(Please bear with my amateur rant I'm jsut fed up with these things)
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i'm new. 
05:20pm 23/07/2008
  I found this community by accident but hey, I thought I'd join, because I too HATE anime. Watching it makes me feel uncomfortable and ridiculous. I hate the way the characters talk. Nice to know there are others out there like me.  
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09:30pm 05/07/2008
  Finally I know I'm not alone. There are people out there that share my dislike for anime.

I for one cannot stand the stupid faces the characters make. What is up with that?

And am I the only one that gets annoyed when an anime freak that can draw the messed up characters automatically think they are awesome artists and do nothing but spend all of their time drawing the annoying characters?

And before I forget, I am new. Hi.
03:47pm 05/01/2008
  Before I begin I would like to say that I don't hate all anime, there are some that are very good, like Metropolis, Steamboy, and the Myazaki films, but those are the only ones I like, and I'm not here to defend them, and I watch The Boondocks, but I'm not here to defend them, because honestly nobody gives a crap, and the rules say I'm not allowed to "defend that one anime that doesn't suck".

 When I went to my Grandparents house in California, I was forced to watch an episode of Naruto, the only thing cool about it was the intro. I guess it wasn't that bad, but it wasn't that great either. All attempts at being funny were always failed. And Sasuke, why couldn't he just quit whining for two seconds?! Every time I heard him talk I wanted to punch him in the face, freaking emo retard. I don't see why people like this show so much. Not only are half of the voice actors that they chose are annoying, but I'd say at least 20% of the episode I saw was recycled footage. I guess it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but still.

As much as I do not give a crap about anime, the thing that pisses me off most are the fans. 90% of them are completely over obsessed, bashing anything that isn't anime,  the funny thing about that is that every single retard troll that I have crossed paths with on youtube has been a hardcore Naurto fan.

I guess it wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to live with a hardcore anime fan, my sister is a hardcore anime fan, thank god she hasn't got to the point where she starts to hate anything that isn't Japanese, although, she has got to the point where she said that she is ashamed of being white. What's wrong with being white? Nothing that's what, there's nothing wrong with being any race, and you should be happy with what ever race you are dangit!. Anyways, that's besides the point. She's messed, and I'm really worried about her. She's fallen in love with some character from Naruto, and now thinks that all males are retards except for Kiba from Naruto, I don't even know who the heck Kiba is. She's made comics about her and Kiba, thank god there's nothing graphic in them. THANK GOD! Some Naruto fans will do all sorts of sick crap like draw hentai with the characters in the show. That crap is so freaking gross, I can not even find words to explain how gross it is. I wonder how the creator of the series feels about all of this crap? I'll tell you how I would feel,pissed. I would send e-mails from my work e-mail, telling all of those pervs to go kill themselves.

As if things couldn't possible get anymore unoriginal, there are countless AMVs (Anime Music Video) on youtube, that took little to know effort to make, getting extremely high ratings. All it takes to make an AMV is a bunch of stolen clips of anime, a crappy MSI song, and less that basic knowledge on how to use Windows Movie Maker. All AMVs that I have seen have had really high ratings, it's because as soon as an animetard sees one they go nuts. It's an AMV BIG FREAKIN' DEAL! It wouldn't be so bad if videos that actually took effort to make got higher ratings.
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So yeah.... anime and stuff. 
01:23pm 26/11/2007
  I'm honestly shocked out of my mind that I found a community that DOESN'T LIKE anime. I typed "anti-anime" in the interests box just to see if anything would even come up. I breathed a sigh of relief when I found you guys.

If I had more time, I would make this a longer rant, but I'll just say this: I don't know that I HATE anime, that I don't respect some of the things that have come out of stuff TYPED as anime, just for expression, humor, and art. There have been advances inspired by quote-on-quote ANIME. But the anime WE'RE talking about is inanimate objects with faces, beastial human things with leeky nipples, and this:


I don't know about you, but this looks like a VAGINA with EYES to me. It's supposed to represent cuteness... or something. Kinda like every other "form of expression" in ANIME. And masses upon masses study their little hearts out to know the meaning of crap like this, just to feel important. Doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

I'll probably rant lots more later on a bunch of other shit that needs to be called out. I just can't get over how everywhere you go, everyone thinks its the greatest most important thing to dedicate your life to knowing about. Lame.
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Another day, another obsessed nerd. 
01:06am 10/10/2007
  Matsunome: Not quite, ghost in the shell inspired the matrix.

Nh: Wow. I've never seen someone so wrong about the Matrix.

This is a minilog from this stupid website I still visit. You can haze me about going there. Although I hate japanese cartoons, I like some of the users. That attachment in stronger than my hate for the actual subject matter of the site.

Anyway, the second I read that. It was like my blood vessel broke or someshit. Another stuck up JapCartoon fucktard once again proclaiming that Japanese Cartoons has done something it has not.

If it were not for Disney, we would not have their beloved wanking materials.
If it were not for William Gibson, writer of the Neuromancer, we would not have most of the computer based SciFi we have now.

Sorry to say, that user is a newb with no information to spam in their profile.
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02:23pm 02/04/2007
  They're adding anime to Nickelodeon. I give up my cartooning career. That was my only hope os a cartoon station not yet infected by anime.

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dats troo 
05:05pm 07/03/2007
The fangirls.... 
10:26pm 27/02/2007
  They're watching me. I can feel their eyes boring holes into my back, they never go away or leave me alone. Fangirls, all of them. They write fanfiction, they draw fanart, though I'm loathe to admit that there's any art involved. And worst of all, they're trying to make me one of them! Night upon night, day after day they barrage me with pictures, stories, messages & countless other sources of animu power, trying to make me repent and join them in their KEKEKE NEKO KAWAII ways! It's only a matter of time before I succumb to their onslaught & begin to speak mangled japanglish, eat porky and mix crappy AMVs with clips from horrible anime played over the music of another. I don't know if anyone's reading this, but if you do, take heed. They are legion, they are ruthless and there is no way to beat sense into their neon-emblazoned heads. I'm trying to get hold of reinforcments, but the situation looks bleak. Farewell sweet livejournal community, it may well be too late for me.....^_^  
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You think you have had it bad... 
07:44pm 17/02/2007

Alright, I've been wanting to do this forever. 

I hate anime. Hate it. My friends? They all are fangirls. The bad kind. I mean, we're friends. We've been friends since I was 4. But seriously. I have to deal with "OMG!!!!! Datz so KAWIIDESU! SAKI! teh bestest Gem-Chan!" When they sleep over, we have to watch every damn episode on the DVD. They spend hours talking and reading manga. I sit there, occasionaly saying how retarded they are and how crappy anime is. One starts cussing at me in Japaniese. Another yells at me in Japanglish. My two other friends silently watch, since they're cool and have no opinion really. They respect my opinion. 'Caus they're awsome. But, I also have to make ramen for all of them and eat the horribly bad tasting pokey. Why can't we be normal teens and eat pizza and talk about how scscrewed up life is while watching a horror film? But noooo, anime it is. 

But what pisses me off is that they diss Americans. They are American. Well, one came from China and the other from Thailand, but still. The girl from China is really nice, she respects my opinion. But the one from Thailand, she is the worst. She was my friend, but now she only hangs out with her 'own kind', but I still have to deal with her since my other anime friends hang out with her and insist she comes over. They play geek poker, aka Anime card games that make no damn sence. The rant about Catholics and Christians, and how the Buhdist(can't spell) are all mighty. Some of my friends are Catholic, me being Christian even. Why can't they accept that they aren't Japaniese, and get on with their life?

And I'm wanting to grow up to be an animator. Hopefully, working for Disney. They diss me, saying cartoons are crap. That they are bad animations. At least they have a plotline during the movie. Animes go on forever, about nothing. I draw cartoons. They draw anime. Here's an example of their art... http://img135.imageshack.us/my.php?image=amimegirlrehabkl1.jpg. And another... http://img132.imageshack.us/my.php?image=doujifancomicsisscawy0no.png. They're there. On a white background. Doing nothing. Like most anime pictures. Yet people looooooooooooooove them. I spend hours shading, animating, posing, and testing characters. They just put the standing there.

Yeah, that's my life and hatred in a nut shell. Have a nice day. And I'll be back... with part 2.

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Ugly Anime Fan Girls 
12:51am 25/01/2007
  Ok I just noticed that a lot of girls who like anime are HIDEOUS! Theres this kid at my school who wants to make anime who is fugly here nose sort of bends down towards here mustache. Sitting next to that kid is like sitting next to the emo version of Darth Vader.  
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03:58am 19/01/2007
  I'm completely neutral on the subject of anime, but I'm curious... how much of this dislike of anime is caused by it going mainstream? (Or simple overload) It seems that it's a fad in itself to hate mainstream, thereby the hate itself of anime is starting to become the mainstream, but if it's mainstream to hate the mainstream... how can what you hate be mainstream? Wouldn't you be hating something that is non-existent? It boggles the mind!

Hating anime isn't really a niche community. You just have to be in the right network. (I'll give referrals if you want)
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Otaku typers 
11:35am 16/01/2007
  Every otaku needs to have their keyboard BURNED. I'm not even kidding.
I can't count the times where I've seen "^_^", "^^" , "^^;;;;;;" with a hundred billion exclamation points with ones next to them. It's disgusting. I want to retch and claw my eyeballs out whenever I see those damned expressions.

By the way, I'm new here. Hi.
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Grave of the Fireflies 
10:26pm 10/12/2006
  I saw "Death of the Fireflies on TCM. And while the movie was aight, I keep on hearing from most anime nerds on how sad the movie is.
Well the film takes place in Japan during the last days of WWII and its about the struggle of a brother and sister to survive.
Well contrary to what the nerds believe this movie has a happy ending because the Americans win the war and the kids end up starving to death.
That's what you get for bombing the Pacific Fleet.
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02:08am 30/10/2006
  ..has anyone else noticed that sex in anime is rarely (well, more like NEVER) consensual??

The classic scenario: some old teacher (w/ a huge body builder-ish look, 80s' moustache, a creepy grin and a manic look in his eyes) overpowers a young, female student (w/ HUGE breasts and a TINY skirt, of course) who does NOTHING to fight back except saying "No, no, please, it hurts..!"

*shudder* ..I'm starting to think there's something seriously wrong with Japanese ppl.
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12:47am 13/10/2006
  I know there's a rule here against exceptions, but that's my problem. After years and years of hating anime and exception came. I was tired and I plopped down infront of the TV and there was a marathon of Studio Ghibli films on TCM, and I ended up watching two films I don't know how it happenned it just did. I somehow liked the films and I even ended up buying one of them.
Now I'm hoping this doesnt count as anime. Sure its animation from Japan, but there's no magical school girls, giant sweat drops, mushroom sighs, ect. Perhaps its not anime but fine art. I've always liked artsy movies. Perhaps its just that, but I still have a feeling that the old me would kick my fucking ass for this.
I was fearing I stumbled onto a gateway anime of sorts, but I still know 99.9% sucks.
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01:00pm 03/10/2006
mood: wwhhhut


Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

(click for bigger version)
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Change to the rules & community info 
03:27pm 21/07/2006
  Okay. I've threatened to change the rules here before, but was always too busy to get around to it. But there's no getting around it now. So! For your convenience, I am posting the new rules and community info right here. It will NOT be behind a lj-cut because I want everyone to read it.

So! Here we go:

Do cute things make you twitch? Do you hate anime and all its fans? Do you feel like you're the only person on the internet who could care less about Tentacle Aurora Sodomy OVA (X-J Series)? Do you find yourself wincing every time you see someone type ^_^;;; and mean it? Do you weep for the Japanese language every time you see a western otaku brutalize it Deliverance-style to make themselves seem more sophisticated and exotic?

Then consider yourself home.

This community was created and is half-assedly maintained by melcocha, inventor of adverbs.

And now for the usual BS...

There are only TWO rules for this community, and they are:

01. HATE ANIME. Hate it with all your fiery being.

02. If you insist on liking anime, please keep it to yourself. We don't need to know about it. We don't want to know about it. We'll never be able to look you in the eye if we do know about it.

In other words, please DO NOT defend the "one exception" or the "one company" that's "different." Don't tell us that what Japan exports is inferior and what was left behind is truly the best, so woe to us for missing it. It doesn't matter. This isn't what the community is about. We're about bitching about big-eyed magical girls in fuku.

Other info:
  • Did something overly cute yet not precisely anime-related make your crotchety ass twitch? Tell us about it. We want to listen. ::pats your hand::
  • Ever wanted to sprinkle your speech with random pirate talk? Well, you can here. Arr.
  • Say thanks to zenhansei for my new favorite phrase (see the community's subtitle) -- even if she did go to an Otakon once. SHAME! SHAME!
  • I reserve the right to delete posts that break one or both of the rules.

Before anyone gets up in arms about this, remember that I am one of the most laisser faire moderators you're ever going to find on lj. I find, for the most part, that this community moves along just fine without my intervention and nitpicking. I'd like to keep things that way.

Now, let's all get back to rooting for the tentacle! :D
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