Iron G Rackham (driveby_pirate) wrote in deathtokawaii,
Iron G Rackham


I know there's a rule here against exceptions, but that's my problem. After years and years of hating anime and exception came. I was tired and I plopped down infront of the TV and there was a marathon of Studio Ghibli films on TCM, and I ended up watching two films I don't know how it happenned it just did. I somehow liked the films and I even ended up buying one of them.
Now I'm hoping this doesnt count as anime. Sure its animation from Japan, but there's no magical school girls, giant sweat drops, mushroom sighs, ect. Perhaps its not anime but fine art. I've always liked artsy movies. Perhaps its just that, but I still have a feeling that the old me would kick my fucking ass for this.
I was fearing I stumbled onto a gateway anime of sorts, but I still know 99.9% sucks.
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