Gem Chamelon (gemchameleon) wrote in deathtokawaii,
Gem Chamelon

You think you have had it bad...

Alright, I've been wanting to do this forever. 

I hate anime. Hate it. My friends? They all are fangirls. The bad kind. I mean, we're friends. We've been friends since I was 4. But seriously. I have to deal with "OMG!!!!! Datz so KAWIIDESU! SAKI! teh bestest Gem-Chan!" When they sleep over, we have to watch every damn episode on the DVD. They spend hours talking and reading manga. I sit there, occasionaly saying how retarded they are and how crappy anime is. One starts cussing at me in Japaniese. Another yells at me in Japanglish. My two other friends silently watch, since they're cool and have no opinion really. They respect my opinion. 'Caus they're awsome. But, I also have to make ramen for all of them and eat the horribly bad tasting pokey. Why can't we be normal teens and eat pizza and talk about how scscrewed up life is while watching a horror film? But noooo, anime it is. 

But what pisses me off is that they diss Americans. They are American. Well, one came from China and the other from Thailand, but still. The girl from China is really nice, she respects my opinion. But the one from Thailand, she is the worst. She was my friend, but now she only hangs out with her 'own kind', but I still have to deal with her since my other anime friends hang out with her and insist she comes over. They play geek poker, aka Anime card games that make no damn sence. The rant about Catholics and Christians, and how the Buhdist(can't spell) are all mighty. Some of my friends are Catholic, me being Christian even. Why can't they accept that they aren't Japaniese, and get on with their life?

And I'm wanting to grow up to be an animator. Hopefully, working for Disney. They diss me, saying cartoons are crap. That they are bad animations. At least they have a plotline during the movie. Animes go on forever, about nothing. I draw cartoons. They draw anime. Here's an example of their art... And another... They're there. On a white background. Doing nothing. Like most anime pictures. Yet people looooooooooooooove them. I spend hours shading, animating, posing, and testing characters. They just put the standing there.

Yeah, that's my life and hatred in a nut shell. Have a nice day. And I'll be back... with part 2.

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