ash_rainyday (ash_rainyday) wrote in deathtokawaii,

The fangirls....

They're watching me. I can feel their eyes boring holes into my back, they never go away or leave me alone. Fangirls, all of them. They write fanfiction, they draw fanart, though I'm loathe to admit that there's any art involved. And worst of all, they're trying to make me one of them! Night upon night, day after day they barrage me with pictures, stories, messages & countless other sources of animu power, trying to make me repent and join them in their KEKEKE NEKO KAWAII ways! It's only a matter of time before I succumb to their onslaught & begin to speak mangled japanglish, eat porky and mix crappy AMVs with clips from horrible anime played over the music of another. I don't know if anyone's reading this, but if you do, take heed. They are legion, they are ruthless and there is no way to beat sense into their neon-emblazoned heads. I'm trying to get hold of reinforcments, but the situation looks bleak. Farewell sweet livejournal community, it may well be too late for me.....^_^
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