Nine (lifepuppetreji) wrote in deathtokawaii,

Another day, another obsessed nerd.

Matsunome: Not quite, ghost in the shell inspired the matrix.

Nh: Wow. I've never seen someone so wrong about the Matrix.

This is a minilog from this stupid website I still visit. You can haze me about going there. Although I hate japanese cartoons, I like some of the users. That attachment in stronger than my hate for the actual subject matter of the site.

Anyway, the second I read that. It was like my blood vessel broke or someshit. Another stuck up JapCartoon fucktard once again proclaiming that Japanese Cartoons has done something it has not.

If it were not for Disney, we would not have their beloved wanking materials.
If it were not for William Gibson, writer of the Neuromancer, we would not have most of the computer based SciFi we have now.

Sorry to say, that user is a newb with no information to spam in their profile.
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