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Rant time - forgive my typoes I'm famous for them.

Since I was very young I knew about anime and I'm nto going to sit here and lie and be like O I DIDN'T WATCH ANIME AT ALL AND I H8Z0RZ IT. I'm very fed up with most anime now because if they wanted to aim towards a more mature audience they wouldn't have such retarded jokes in it. It's always the same bullshit. Yeah sure I'll watch anime but GOOOOOOOD sometimes I just wanna strangle the fuck out of those big eyed "KAWAAAIIIII" drawn chicks with flat chests that are called LOLI

Lucky Star is a good example. My bf likes luckt star and I hate the crap out of it because the way it's drawn. The chicks are supposed to be in like hgih school or something AND THEY LOOK LIEK THEY'RE ......5 OR SOMETHING. Anime gets ridiculously repetitive too. So do the storylines. They're almost all the same.

I've never been able to really rant about this without being flamed or attacked by othjer people and really I think I'll feel alot better when I get this out of my system. Anime isn't the main reason why I dislike certain anime aspects/series, it's the fans. Sure I'll watch the anime I like but jesus christ the fans just turn it into some type of fucking religion. They can do it fine but do they even know what the word Otaku MEANS?? I'm a major in the Japanese language and I feel offended. I've studied this language for 6 years NO NOT BECAUSE I LOVE ANIME but for a mor logical reason. I love the culture of Japan the oriental part of Japan and I have a strange obsession with Languages. I know alot of languages so don't think I wanted to learn Japanese because of anime. In my Japanese class there were so many fucking crazy OTAKUS. Who spam cute faces on the itnernet and there was this one bitch who I fucking wanted to beat the living shit out of.

She was the erfect definition of Otaku. A no life bitch who played Yu Gi Oh cards and she had a binder filled with picture of Gananondorf from Zelda because she wanted to fuck him and she got so bad to the point that she was saying that he was inside of her mind and at night he would fuck her in her dreams what kind of fucking crazy shit is that?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER?! She stunk liek shit too and her friends were just as bad saying that if he wore some weird shit from Bleach (snce you can buy little things from anime now and wear them) he could suck the souls out of people. She used to say video game characters were in her mind too. Alot of people that were her friend were like that.

God but I'm too damn fucking nice to beat the crap out of her so I just left her the hell alone.

I really have to say that those stupid emoticons that we tried to copy off of Japan with are really retarded. XD O O; @_@ e_e; x_x; O_o; ^___^;; and the girls that go along with it

OMG I LOVE TO SEE GUY ON GUY ANIME MMMMMMMM SO HOT I WANNA SEE NARUTO AND SASUKE FUCK OMGGGGG Like stfu seriously it's only a fucking cartoon. He's nto going to come out of the screen and eat you out and fulfill all yourfantasies unless of course they go to a Con and then OMG IT'S FANGIRL CRAZY TIMMMMMEEEE WHOOOOOOOOOO

There's a girl on a MMO that I playa nd she's so damn annoying she edns all her sentences with NYA. Even when I waf laming her she was like, "Why are you so mean nya^_^" What the hell is her problem.

The money that people spend on anime shit. God why don't you just fucking download anime why do they have to go and spend liek 100-200 dollars on the boxset that comes with a figure that you take the clothes off of. Just take a damn barbie and dye it's hair pink and put it in ponytails and you have a sailor moon doll~!

AND WHAT IS THE OBSESSION WITH NEKOMIMI. Anime cartoons with cat ears. WHat the hell. And that's totally hot because she has gigantic boobs. Seems like the Japanese popularion are trying to make up for things which they don't have when it comes to most anime. Eiken for instance has ridiculously large boobs. Nya nya nya nya nya nya it gets on my nerves.... please... shoot me. Lol. The girls who love anime think they're cute I swear. They entice otaku men by going "I'm a kawaii neko desu nya ;333333333333" No you're not bitch you're prolly some ugly ass fat ass bitch with no life whow ishes she looked hawt in a maid outfit with a cat tail and ears and you probably have like 9 cats in your house and you name them crazy ass names like "Yuki" or "Miko" and you wish you looked like them

Otaku out there.... Please..... Realise that Otaku and Hikkikomori are almost exactly the same in japan. You won't go to Japan and be accepted if you run arround saying you're an Otaku.... That's not a compliment and is in fact an insult. Thanks for letting me rant here I think I feel alot better.

(Please bear with my amateur rant I'm jsut fed up with these things)
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