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Amala Jenkins

Big fat rant.

I just joined this community. Even though it's 2 years dead, it deals with an issue some people around me have - ANIME OBSESSION.

I went through that phase ages ago, and regret it now. But what makes my blood boil is... SOME PEOPLE STILL AREN'T OVER IT.

Now, I love the Final Fantasy series and any other games made by Square Enix, and various other game companies that just so happen to be based in Japan, but anime doesn't interest me in the slightest. FFVII: Last Order and the Miyazaki films are exceptions, but anything else is kept out of my life.

I have a friend who shares my love for the Final Fantasy series, but has an obsession with Naruto and whatever mainstream anime/manga with so-called "bishounen" there is. Hardly any of the men in those things are even remotely pretty. She says she wants to move to Japan, change her name to an Asian one, and she likes J-pop better than any other music ever made.

Now I like a little bit of J-pop, but that's all that remains of my Japan phase. And her Facebook statuses piss me off a little too (e.g. "Don't you just hate it when Americans mispronounce Japanese words?") And my friends and I say manga like mango but with an A at the end, and SHE DOESN'T CARE. Now, this girl luckily isn't fat and ugly, but she has big boobs, and gets everyone to grope them like in all that perverted anime shit.

I know another girl who's on Facebook, and her status updates are usually like


Seriously. Why go to Japan (I've been there because my uncle is married over there with kids, and I'm more interested in the nature than all that pop culture, though the shopping malls are fantastic) when you can go to England? I'm going to England in a couple years' time and I'm hella excited.

I DO write fanfiction and draw fanart, but weeabooness is relative. Like, if you're a Lord of the Rings fan who has nothing to do with anime, it doesn't count. I hope to be a game designer when I leave school, but that's a dream, and if not I'll just become a musician or something. IDK.

TL;DR weeaboos suck.

Massive fucking edit: I can't believe everyone's read this and commented. I now loathe Final Fantasy because it seems to have been absorbed into the general culture of all these Japanese-wannabes, and as the games progress it becomes more apparent that Square Enix are always reusing character personalities and designs. I was in such a state of blissful ignorance when I wrote this post that I didn't notice either of these things. Several months after writing the post I am also a huge LotR fan, and have almost nothing to do with anime.

As for the situation with these two girls, girl #1 ("I wanna move to Japan and change my name and I like my boobs") has claimed Korea as her new "country of obsession". So far it's a fairly innocent obsession, but if she gives herself a Korean name, now that's trouble. As for girl #2 ("EBI-CHAN WANTS TO MOVE TO JAPAN DESU NYA~"), I deleted her from my friend list because her babbling was starting to sound like a broken record, but from what I can tell she hasn't changed one bit. The anime crap is plastered over her profile more than ever, and she says she "doesn't mind weeaboos", meaning she most likely is one herself.

P.S. A few of you needed me to clarify the term "weeaboo". It was a word filter for "Wapanese", a term most of you should be familiar with, on 4chan. If you don't know what 4chan is (and have been living in a state of blissful ignorance as I was 10 months ago), it is pretty much the headquarters of all evil on the internet.

That's all for this post, but I just wanted to reply to everyone's comments and clear some things up.
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