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Where we root for the tentacle...

Death to Kawaii
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Do cute things make you twitch? Do you hate anime and all its fans? Do you feel like you're the only person on the internet who could care less about Tentacle Aurora Sodomy OVA (X-J Series)? Do you find yourself wincing every time you see someone type ^_^;;; and mean it? Do you weep for the Japanese language every time you see a western otaku brutalize it Deliverance-style to make themselves seem more sophisticated and exotic?

Then consider yourself home.

This community was created and is half-assedly maintained by melcocha, inventor of adverbs.

And now for the usual BS...

There are only TWO rules for this community, and they are:

01. HATE ANIME. Hate it with all your fiery being.

02. If you insist on liking anime, please keep it to yourself. We don't need to know about it. We don't want to know about it. We'll never be able to look you in the eye if we do know about it.

In other words, please DO NOT defend the "one exception" or the "one company" that's "different." Don't tell us that what Japan exports is inferior and what was left behind is truly the best, so woe to us for missing it. It doesn't matter. This isn't what the community is about. We're about bitching about big-eyed magical girls in fuku.

Other info:
  • Did something overly cute yet not precisely anime-related make your crotchety ass twitch? Tell us about it. We want to listen. ::pats your hand::
  • Ever wanted to sprinkle your speech with random pirate talk? Well, you can here. Arr.
  • Say thanks to zenhansei for my new favorite phrase (see the community's subtitle) -- even if she did go to an Otakon once. SHAME! SHAME!
  • I reserve the right to delete posts that break one or both of the rules.
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